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Self Assessment for ERG Histology

SAQ questions, gastrointestinal system:  A large set of multiple-choice questions, mostly basic vocabulary drill.

SAQ questions, reproductive and endocrine systems:  A large set of multiple-choice questions, mostly basic vocabulary drill.

SAQ slides
Twenty-four unlabelled microscope slides are available for check-out in the Medical Resource Center.  (This is a limited resource, so please keep the slides only for as long as you are actually using them.  Twelve identical sets are available.  If more are needed, please e-mail Dr. King.)

For each SAQ slide:

  1. Describe the basic tissue elements which appear on the slide; and ...
  2. Insofar as possible, identify the source for the specimen (i.e., what part of the body is represented on the slide?).  
  3. Hints are available on line.
  4. You are expected to work together.

EVALUATION:  Several of the SAQ slides may appear on the ERG End-of-Unit Evaluation.

However, the real motivation for this exercise should be to begin your personal transformation, from a student who memorizes histological information to a professional who can apply that information meaningfully in new situations.  Expect this exercise to be:

A variety of different organ systems are represented by the SAQ slides, including:

Most of these specimens are nominally "normal."  However, several of these slides display unfamiliar appearance due to post-mortem change, less-than-ideal fixation, or other causes (i.e., they are "normal" for post-mortem clinical specimens).  A few are patently pathological.  Nevertheless, each slide includes at least one distinctive clue (sometimes small and obscure) which should enable recognition of the source.

Groups are invited to schedule times to discuss these slides with an instructor.  

Be advised, however, that the source of particular specimens shall not be revealed.  If you have identified a specimen confidently, on the basis of reliable observations, you will know that you have done so and should not need further confirmation.  Otherwise, you have not yet completed the exercise.

Hints are available on line.

General hints for all slides.

Read this page before beginning this SAQ exercise.

Hints for individual slides.

DO NOT open these hints until you have first examined the slides.  Otherwise you will spoil the fun and thwart the purpose of the exercise.

Comments and questions:

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