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Nerve & Muscle Tissue

  Lincoln Scholars Program    Notes for June 28

This page is intended as a guide during the resource session on June 28.
This material should remain available indefinitely, at this location.

Follow the links below if you wish to read further about today's topics.

Topics for today:

I apologize for imposing a required session.  It shouldn't happen again.
I try to put everything that I might say to you into webpage resources, which you may browse at a time of your own choosing.  My main purpose today is to acquaint you with those resources.

I do, however, extend the following invitation:

I shall try to respond promptly, either with answers to your questions or with mark-up labelling of images you send.  (I would hope to reply within a few hours, but turn-around time cannot be guaranteed.) 
If you do try to contact me, please identify yourselves as LSP students:  I do not respond to messages from unknown senders, and I shall NOT normally respond between 10:00pm and 7:00am.  My number is ...

Histo might not appear as a core learning objective until your pathology rotation.  But if you wait until then to establish a histological perspective on the human body, you could face quite a slog.

Because a histological perspective contributes significantly to several aspects of medical education, it can be advantageous to begin your study as soon as practical.  So:

I hope you have read my recommended essays on basic concepts in histology and common patterns of tissue architecture. 

I shall not repeat that material now.  Today let's look at some tissue specimens.

Appearance of tissues in slides / micrographs

If we have wifi, let's begin viewing a "virtual slide" of a specimen from the entry into the GI tract:

The lip.
   [Virtual slide from U. Michigan]


The lip.
   [Virtual slide from U. Michigan]


esophagus stomach
small intestine
parotid gland

The lip.
   [Virtual slide from Loyola U.]

Additional virtual slide resources.


From here, I intend to survey the GI tract, using links
to pages within the main histo website.









David King

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