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History:   This site was originally designed to serve the SIU School of Medicine Year One Curriculum.  The School of Medicine supported its development over several years in the early 2000s.  In July of 2021, this website was discontinued at its original url ( ) and re-established at its present location.  At both its original and its current locations, this site was created and is maintained by David G. King, currently Associate Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

 From any page, you may e-mail questions to Dr. King by scrolling to the bottom of the page (or by pressing the "Ctrl-End" keys), and then clicking on the "comments or questions" link.

Accessibility:  Because the content of this website is essentially image-based (i.e., images are the content), "alternative text" is not used for most images. 


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A few external resources

  • Zoomified Virtual Histology offers many tissues for virtual microscopic examination (at Loyola University Medical Education Network LUMEN). 
  • Webpath, hosted by The University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library, is a vast resource of materials related to pathology, including many micrographs of normal and pathological specimens.
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4th ed., online textbook by Bruce Alberts, et al., © 2002.
    (This is "the classic in-depth text reference in cell biology," recommended as a refresher or solid introduction to topics in cell biology). 


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