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esophageal mucosa Welcome to Histology at SIU

This website summarizes the basics of tissue organization in the human body, in extensively hyper-linked notes and images.  

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This website is maintained by David G. King, currently Associate Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, based on 35 years' experience teaching introductory histology.

Dedication:  Textbooks and websites (including this one) commonly present information ex cathedra, without historical context, as if it had always existed.  But our knowledge of tissues has emerged incrementally over hundreds of years.  This website is dedicated to all the researchers, technicians, artists, and teachers who have invented protocols, observed specimens, published discoveries, and shared their understanding.  A few of their contributions are acknowledged in this website on the eponyms and historical notes page.

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  • Throughout this website, most thumbnail images are links to larger, labelled images with additional notes.  (To browse all images, see the image index.)
  • Accessibility:  "Alternative text" for images (i.e., text displayed in place of images) is seldom provided.  Most images in this website are micrographs illustrating the accompanying text.  That text can be read without regard to the images, except to note that most small "thumbnail" images are themselves links to pages with enlarged images, whose accompanying text in turn describes details within those enlargments.  "Alternative text" could do little more than duplicate that accompanying text.

    Questions, comments, or error notes are welcome, sent to the email address at the bottom of each page

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    Von Ebner's 1873 drawing of eponymous tissues in the tongue.

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